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The Florida GMR is a volunteer run organization – spearheaded by a Board of Directors made up of 4 Officers and 12 Board Members. 

GMR Board Members are elected to a two year term, (half of the board is elected annually). Six Board seats will be filled in this year’s election to be held on May 24th

If you would like to submit your name to be placed on the ballot to be elected to one of the 6 seats this next year, please follow these steps:

1.      Be sure you are a current GMR member and have completed one full year of membership in 2017.


2.      Have attended at least one of the GMR events in the 2017/2018 year.


3.      Click on the links below for more information and the application:

a.      Qualifications, Roles and Responsibilities of a Florida GMR Board Member

b.      Application to submit your name to run for a vacant seat

4.      Fill out the application and email it to  by the deadline of Monday May 14th

5.      Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an email or a phone call from one of the Officers or Elections committee members confirming your eligibility to run and instructions for next steps.

6.      Your bio will appear on our website when electronic voting begins on May 17th. Voting will be open from May 17th thru May 23rd.  There will also be “in person, live voting” at our Elections Dinner on May 24th where each candidate will give a short campaign speech before elections are held. Winners will be announced at this event.

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